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Prevention Columns

Journal de MontréalEvery Monday since October 24, 2005, Richard Béliveau, Ph.D., publishes a column in the section Votre Vie (Your Life) in the Journal de Montréal in which he describes the latest developments on maintaining health through diet in an easy-to-read and engaging style. Thanks to the generosity of the Journal de Montréal, you can download and consult all of the columns in high resolution PDF format from our website.

Chroniques Prévention

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Autism: a question of intestinal bacteria?

The growing number of cases of autism suggests that environmental factors participate in the development of this neurological disease. Surprising results indicate that perturbations in the composition of the intestinal bacteria may be one of these factors. Download this column


Losing Sleep due to Aging

Quite often the quality of sleep significantly deteriorates with age. According to one recent study, this phenomenon is caused by the progressive loss of a class of neurons which specialize in the control of awakening. Download this column.


Cancer - Sizing up the problem

A large-scale study confirms that excess body weight represents an important risk factor in several types of cancers. Download this column


The Importance of Vitamin D

A growing number of studies show that the blood levels of Vitamin D strongly influence the risk of developing several chronic diseases including Alzheimer's disease. Download this column


Transmit Health vis Inheritance

A growing number of studies are showing that the lifestyle of parents has a very important influence on the health of their children, even before conception. Download this column


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Richard Béliveau

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Plusieurs observations indiquent que les chiens ont la capacité de détecter la présence de certains types de cancers. Le cancer aurait-il une odeur caractéristique? Télécharger la chronique.

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