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Research to Prevent Cancer!

Our site contains a wealth of quality information on preventing cancer through healthy eating habits that we make available to you for free. The information presented on this site is the result of many years of diligent research conducted by Richard Béliveau, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and his team of researchers. Our aim is to pursue and attain our research goals. We encourage you therefore to make a donation to help us meet these goals and, ultimately, to help us help you.

Cancer Prevention Column

Lifestyle habits: Preventing breast cancer

Breast cancer will affect up to one in eight women before the age of 85 and remains a leading cause of cancer-related mortality among women. Although recent improvements in treatments have made it possible to substantially improve patient survival, prevention still remains the best strategy to reduce the social impact of this cancer. Download the column

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Prevention Mission

The first mission of the Chair is to develop an innovative research program committed to identifying compounds in our diet that possess preventive and therapeutic properties.

Treatment Mission

Our second mission is to develop anticancer molecules that overcome resistance mechanisms associated with anticancer agents. These new drugs will have a targeted effect that reduces side effects.


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Cancer is a dreaded disease that inspires a new generation of artists, including signer Stromae. His videoclip “Quand c’est ?” is a mesmerizing tribute to people who must deal with the terrible affliction. When art meets cancer…



Research Team
Research Team
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Richard BéliveauPh.D. in Biochemistry
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Borhane AnnabiPh.D. in Biochemistry