Our Team Makes the News with One of the Chair’s Discoveries!

The Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment is proud to share a news story shot jointly by the Fonds de recherche du Québec and Canal Savoir as part of a series entitled Que sont devenues les découvertes de jadis. Every year, Québec Science revisits 10 Quebec discoveries that made the news during a given year. One of these was made in 2003 by Professor Richard Béliveau and his team from the Chair. Learn how our research brought about a molecule capable of transporting drugs to the brain, which ultimately led to the development of ANG1005 by Angiochem, a spin-off company from UQAM. Interestingly, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responsible for approving drugs in the United States recently authorized Phase 3 clinical studies for this novel anticancer agent targeting brain tumors. It’s the ultimate step before hitting the market!

Check it out!


24-Feb-2017 |

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