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We all bear tumours

Some surprising results show that, as we age, over half of the cells in the esophagus accumulate thousands of mutations in their DNA, without actually becoming cancerous. Another important example of the importance of following a healthy lifestyle to prevent these microtumours from developing into mature cancers. Download the column

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Cannabis and its effects on the brain

The psychotropic effects of cannabis are due to a family of molecules called cannabinoids. Surprisingly, the brain produces its own cannabinoids, and the effects of cannabis on the brain are caused by the activation of an endogenous system (endocannabinoid) in most animals which evolved long before the appearance of the Cannabis sativa plant on earth. Download the column

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Chrono-nutrition for preventing chronic diseases

CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS AND THE INTAKE OF FOOD. All living creatures, from the simplest bacteria to human beings, have evolved a way of coordinating their activities with the day-night cycle associated with the rotation of the Earth. These circadian rhythms govern not only our periods of waking and sleeping but also the way in which we absorb nutrition: for example during the night, when no food is being consumed, the liver synthesizes glucose and secretes it into the circulation, whereas during the day this system is silenced because sufficient quantities of sugar are provided by the diet. Download the column

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The good and the bad sides of immunotherapy

The Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology was awarded last Monday to Drs. James Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their discoveries which led to the development of immunotherapy, a new anticancer strategy based on the destruction of tumors by stimulation of the immune system. Let’s take a look at the good and the less-good sides of this new class of therapeutic agents. Download the column

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