Cancer prevention

Cancer : A Chronic Disease Associated with Lifestyle

Cancer continues to challenge modern medicine. Despite forty years of intense research, it remains an enigmatic disease, causing the premature death of millions of people every year. Although some forms of cancer can now be treated successfully, several others remain extremely difficult to eradicate and still represent a major cause of mortality in the active segment of the population. Heredity accounts for only a small proportion of all cancers - less than 15%. Given that 75% of cancers may be preventable through lifestyle changes, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on discovering new means of reducing the incidence of cancer in the population.

Richard Béliveau

News Flash!

The 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine-physiology has just been awarded to three scientists who have dedicated their careers to the discovery of medicines for countering malaria and the diseases caused by parasitic worms. Beyond having saved millions of lives, these discoveries also illustrate the immense therapeutic potential of some of the molecules found in nature. Download this column