One Chair, Two Missions

The Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment develops new prevention approaches and advocates ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Upon identifying compounds in food that exhibit therapeutic effects, we put forward means to reduce the impact and development of cancer among the population. 


The mission of the Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment is to develop a dynamic research program committed to identifying compounds in our diet that possess preventive properties. We strive to better understand the mechanisms of these anticancer compounds. To this end, we are pursuing a number of research areas in order to characterize new anticancer properties. Our ultimate objective is to prevent cancer and reduce the risk of relapse for cancer survivors. Finally, the Chair is also dedicated to raise awareness of the benefits of prevention, well-before disease onset.


The Chair’s mission is also to develop a cancer treatment platform. We develop anticancer molecules that overcome resistance mechanisms associated with anticancer agents. These new drugs will have a targeted effect that reduces side effects. This new approach is critical to the development of personalized cancer treatments.

Help the Chair pursue its mission