Make a donation for research

Make a Donation for Research

Maintaining health through diet is a vast and fascinating field of study that appeals to many people. When you browse through our site, where you'll find a wealth of information and resources on this topic, you'll see not only how dedicated Richard Béliveau and his team are to their research work, but also the importance of your support in the pursuit of their work.

Help us advance cancer research by making a donation to the UQAM Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment, led by Richard Béliveau. Your donation may help save lives. Take action on your health now. Everything you need to make a donation is right here at your fingertips!Faite un don en ligne en clicquant ici!

Make an Online Donation

It'll only take 5 minutes of your time to help us raise funds for cancer research. Why not fill out the online form made available by the UQAM Foundation, which manages online donations for Richard Béliveau's Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

Several Types of Donations

There are other ways to donate if you prefer not to make an online donation. Click on the UQAM Foundation's explanatory page and then contact the Foundation at your earliest convenience!

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A growing number of studies are showing that the lifestyle of parents has a very important influence on the health of their children, even before conception. Download this column