If you’re in a panic from being diagnosed with cancer, your first course of action is to trust and strictly comply with your doctor’s advice. Doctors are highly qualified professionals in their field of expertise and they possess the required insight to select treatments appropriate to your condition.

The nutritional approach for cancer basically focuses on prevention rather than cure, because no single scientific study has been able to demonstrate that food can eradicate an existing cancer. However, eating well does lend a number of benefits for cancer patients: it can help maintain immune function, reduce inflammation, fight fatigue, remain positive, etc.

Furthermore, we can’t exclude the possibility that certain food combinations rich in anticancer molecules could also impact tumor growth, thereby slowing their progression, especially during remission. Although this remains to be proven, there are no contraindications if you add such foods to your daily diet because they contain nutrients essential to health without producing side effects. In other words, don’t bet your life on them, but you have nothing to lose when it comes to fighting cancer using every weapon available to you. With this in mind, the foods listed in our books offer a good starting point for people looking to change their eating habits and include vegetables rich in anticancer phytochemicals in their daily diet.