2015-10 140L JdeMontreal RGBEvery Monday since October 24, 2005, Richard Béliveau, Ph.D., publishes a column in the section Votre Vie (Your Life) in the Journal de Montréal in which he describes the latest developments on maintaining health through diet in an easy-to-read and engaging style. Thanks to the generosity of the Journal de Montréal, you can download and consult all of the columns in high resolution PDF format from our website.

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Your intestinal bacteria also adore dark chocolate

A recent study has shown that, along with having several beneficial effects on cardiac health, the polyphenols contained in dark chocolate are transformed by the intestinal flora into molecules endowed with powerful anti-inflammatory abilities. Download this column.

Human papilloma virus, principal cause of throat cancer

Even though the majority of cancers are associated with lifestyle, certain tumors originate with infectious agents. More than simply being responsible for cervical cancer, the human papilloma virus can also infect the cells of the throat and cause cancer of the oropharynx. We will examine a cancer with a viral origin that is little known, although its incidence is strongly increasing. Download this column.

Animal proteins increase the risk of cancer

The results of a recent study showed that people aged 50 to 65 who eat large quantities of protein from animal sources (meat and dairy products) are four times more likely to die from cancer. Download this column.

Prostate Cancer: Beware of Supplements for Vitamin E or Selenium

Some people regularly consume vitamin supplements in hopes of reducing their risk of cancer. This can be a dangerous strategy since these supplements are completely ineffective and some of them can even increase the risk of this disease. Download this column.

Phosphate: A dietary additive which subtracts years from your life

Many chemical substances must be added to industrial products to improve their taste or shelf life. What is good for the industry is not generally good for our health, such as one class of additives, phosphates, which significantly increases rates of premature death. Download this column.

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Richard Béliveau

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The conclusions of a long-term study have confirmed that the addition of the medication Herceptin to conventional chemotherapy increased the survival of certain types of breast cancer by 40%. A glance at this powerful medication, which has completely revolutionized the treatment of this cancer. Download this column