2015-10 140L JdeMontreal RGBEvery Monday since October 24, 2005, Richard Béliveau, Ph.D., publishes a column in the section Votre Vie (Your Life) in the Journal de Montréal in which he describes the latest developments on maintaining health through diet in an easy-to-read and engaging style. Thanks to the generosity of the Journal de Montréal, you can download and consult all of the columns in high resolution PDF format from our website.

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The Mirage of Diet Soft Drinks

"Diet" soft drinks, which lack calories, are often presented by the industry which makes them as a healthy alternative to soft drinks which are loaded with sugar. Download this column.

Why does the surprising naked mole rat never develop cancer?

The mole rat is a subterranean rodent noted for its exceptional longevity due to its resistance to cancer and to other chronic diseases. Download this column.

Breast Cancer: the crucial role of lifestyle

An important study performed with 31,000 women confirmed the major impact that lifestyle has on the risk of breast cancer after menopause. Cancer is truly a chronic disease whose development can be prevented with simple changes to lifestyle. Download this column.

Too Much Salt Aggravates Inflammation

Aside from being harmful to the cardiovascular system, two important new studies have shown that excessive consumption of salt promotes inflammation and creates conditions favorable to the development of stomach cancer as well as of certain autoimmune diseases. Download this column.

Turmeric vs Alzheimer's Disease

A pilot study performed with people affected by Alzheimer's disease found that consumption of the Indian spice turmeric greatly ameliorated the symptoms of this disease. Download this column.

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Richard Béliveau

News Flash!

Over the course of the winter, it is often remarked how difficult it is for the poorest of households to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables due to the high prices of these foods. It is worthwhile to remember that frozen fruits and vegetables are as good for the health as fresh products, but at a fraction of the price. Download the column