2015-10 140L JdeMontreal RGBEvery Monday since October 24, 2005, Richard Béliveau, Ph.D., publishes a column in the section Votre Vie (Your Life) in the Journal de Montréal in which he describes the latest developments on maintaining health through diet in an easy-to-read and engaging style. Thanks to the generosity of the Journal de Montréal, you can download and consult all of the columns in high resolution PDF format from our website.

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Bacteria which improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy

Certain bacteria present at the intestinal mucosa increase the effectiveness of cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapeutic agent used in the treatment of numerous cancers. Download this column

A new weapon against kidney stones?

A study recently published in the distinguished journal Nature showed that hydroxycitrate accelerated dissolution of the crystals responsible for renal calculi and could thus represent a new way of preventing this very painful disease. Download this column

On the trail of a universal influenza vaccine

The effectiveness of vaccines against influenza varies between one year and another due to the incredible ability of the influenza virus to defeat the immune defenses. Some promising results show, however, that the virus possesses a weakness that could be exploited to develop a vaccine that is effective against all of the strains of influenza. Download the column

Tracking down the ideal analgesic

The spectacular discovery of a compound possessing an analgesic action as strong as that of morphine, but lacking its secondary effects, could revolutionize the treatment of pain. Download the column

Chemotherapy: The advantage of putting cancer on a diet

Two important studies show that a reduction in caloric intake activates the immune system and increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Download the column

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Richard Béliveau

News Flash!

An important study performed with 31,000 women confirmed the major impact that lifestyle has on the risk of breast cancer after menopause. Cancer is truly a chronic disease whose development can be prevented with simple changes to lifestyle. Download this column.