2015-10 140L JdeMontreal RGBEvery Monday since October 24, 2005, Richard Béliveau, Ph.D., publishes a column in the section Votre Vie (Your Life) in the Journal de Montréal in which he describes the latest developments on maintaining health through diet in an easy-to-read and engaging style. Thanks to the generosity of the Journal de Montréal, you can download and consult all of the columns in high resolution PDF format from our website.

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The Many Faces of Pancreatic Cancer

An important study has shown that the formidable pancreatic form of cancer is actually four distinct diseases, each possessing different genetic alterations. This represents a major discovery, which opens a path to an improvement in the treatment of this too often fatal cancer. Download this column

Inherited Obesity

Making a child is not limited to transmitting genes to the descendants: recent studies suggest that certain lifestyle habits of the parents at the moment of conception, notably diet and stress level, can greatly increase the risks of obesity and diabetes in their children. Download this column

Broccoli, Protector of the Liver

Several studies have clearly established that cruciferous vegetables – and broccoli in particular – are amongst the plants which are most important for preventing cancer. Some recent results indicate that this vegetable also prevents the accumulation of fat in the region of the liver, another important factor in cancer risk. Download this column

The Heart, Another Victim of Cancer

Recent studies have shown that people who have developed cancer or who have survived the disease are at much greater risk of dying from a heart disease. Download this column

Fish is Good for the Memory

An important study recently published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed that regular consumption of fish and seafood is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Download this column

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Richard Béliveau

News Flash!

Toxicity is an important problem for human health. The human body has a limited capacity to neutralize toxins, whether they originate from nature, food or drugs. According to a stunning, recent study in the prestigious journal Nature, the solution to these toxicity problems could come from the humble earthworm which has, in its intestines, a sophisticated defense system which keeps it protected against toxic molecules from plants. Download this column