One of the objectives of the Chaire en prévention et traitement du cancer is to raise awareness of everyone to the importance of cancer prevention.

That's what Richard Béliveau, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, has endeavoured to do since 2005, the year he published his first book, Foods That Fight Cancer. He followed up a year later with his second book, Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer.


The authors, Richard Béliveau Ph. D. and Denis Gingras Ph. D., have selected 9 excerpts for you from their latest book, Eating Well, Living Well: An Everyday Guide for Optimum Health, a gold mine of information on maintaining health through diet. The excerpts are all in French.

  1. Les 5 règles d'or de la prévention des maladies chroniques
  2. Quand le cerveau dit : c'est assez !
  3. Au pays de Gargantua, David contre Goliath
  4. Maladies cardiovasculaires
  5. Maladies associées au diabète
  6. L'activité physique, une arme méconnue pour la prévention du cancer
  7. Des molécules anti-Alzheimer
  8. Prévenir le vieillissement prématuré de la peau
  9. Vivre pour manger : la cuisine, culture de l'humanité

The first book, Foods That Fight Cancer, sold over 200,000 copies in Quebec - a resounding success! The book has been translated into 25 languages and is available in 30 countries.

Their second book, Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer, has sold over 100,000 copies in Quebec and has been translated into 9 languages in 12 countries.

Click on the arrows below to view the jackets of the books published in each country. Impressive, isn't it?

Richard Béliveau

News Flash!

Young girls who regularly eat peanut butter are at less risk of developing precancerous lesions in their breasts when they are adults. Which shows that good old peanut butter remains quite superior to all of the modern products, hypertransformed and overloaded with sugar, that have been invented by the industry for breakfast or snacks. Download this column.