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Lives saved by banning trans fats

A recent study showed that the prohibition of trans fats within restaurants in some regions of New York resulted in a significant decrease in hospitalizations caused by heart attacks and strokes. Banning these trans fats can thus actually save lives and it is hoped that the Canadian government will proceed with its plan to completely eliminate these toxic fats from our diet. Download the column

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Metastases: the role of saturated fats

A study has shown that the metastases from several different types of cancers are derived from subpopulations of tumor cells which express the fatty acid receptor CD36 at their cell surface. The activation of this receptor by a saturated fat that is ubiquitous in modern diets (palmitate) stimulates the formation of these metastases, suggesting that an excess of saturated fats in the diet could play an important role in the evolution of cancer. Download the column

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Throw the Trans Fats Into the Garbage!

The American FDA recently decided to ban (in three years time) all trans fats from food products sold in the United States. Let’s hope that Canada is inspired by this decision because countless studies have clearly demonstrated the catastrophic impacts that these synthetic fats have regarding a variety of chronic diseases. Download this column

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