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How to live an extra 12-14 years

An important population study on 123,129 subjects has shown that those who abstain from smoking, keep a healthy weight, eat a healthier diet, do 30 minutes of physical activity per day and moderately consume alcohol can increase their life expectancy by 12-14 years, by reducing their risk of dying from cancer by 65% and their risk of cardiovascular diseases by 82%. Download the column

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A New Approach Against Toxicity

Toxicity is an important problem for human health. The human body has a limited capacity to neutralize toxins, whether they originate from nature, food or drugs. According to a stunning, recent study in the prestigious journal Nature, the solution to these toxicity problems could come from the humble earthworm which has, in its intestines, a sophisticated defense system which keeps it protected against toxic molecules from plants. Download this column

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